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We're finding new ways to help move our clients forward.

Innovation and open communication are the drivers to helping our clients find success in their projects. Through methods of sharing quantities, helping in design and value engineering, digital layout on-site, fabrication off-site, our goal is to provide solutions that help drive the overall success of a project.

Our successes not only come from our clients, but also from our industry partners. We are thankful for the value they bring to our company by providing support, great customer service, and industry knowledge. Their roles are pivotal to our success and ultimately the success of the overall project.

Perot museum of nature and science

"Baker took a kernel of idea and turned it into reality."
Arne Emerson, Morphisis Architects, Inc.

Utilizing new ideas and technology advancements for its time, The BakerTriangle team was able to create multiple custom ceilings throughout this once in a lifetime project. BakerTriangle's preconstruction team and VD&C team took these 'kernels' of ideas and turned them into virtual mock-ups, then to physical mock-ups, and ultimately brought them to life in place for one of the most unique projects in the state of Texas.


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Dallas Holocaust Museum

Shrink your contract procurement.

First off its kind, this all copper clad project was constructed in the bustling heart of the West End in Downtown Dallas. In an effort to control quality and schedule assurance, BakerTriangle teamed up to take on multiple scopes: drywall & acoustical, specialty ceilings, copper metal panels, insulated panels, formed metal panels, window treatments, and prefabricated exterior panelization.

Medical City Plano Tower Expansion

60% Labor Off-site.
10% Reduction in Schedule.
10% Reduction in cost.

These were the goals established by the owner when BakerTriangle was selected by the contractor to be a part of the design-assist team for this special project. BakerTriangle was brought on board by means of a cost + fee contract before a drawing was ever provided. Through innovative ideas and unconventional methods, BakerTriangle partnered early with other trade partners, the architect, the contractor, and engineer teams to help move more than 80,000 man hours off-site on this North Texas healthcare project.