Value in rolling up multiple scopes of work? Absolutely.

Our multi-scope approach to projects has evolved over the years, and it has spurred from listening to the feedback provided by our clients.

What are the added benefits to looking at buying out multiple scopes?

  • arrow-right Early collaboration to help provide cost assurances through drawing development
  • arrow-right Value in coordination by having a single point of contact for multiple scopes
  • arrow-right Elimination of ‘scope gaps’ during buyout by having a single contractor providing multiple scopes
  • arrow-right Save time with the issuance of a single company contract in lieu of having to write multiple contracts

What scopes fall under the BakerTriangle umbrella?

  • arrow-right Exterior and interior partitions
  • arrow-right Insulation
  • arrow-right Caulking
  • arrow-right Installation of Doors and Door Frames
  • arrow-right GFRG
  • arrow-right Specialty items
  • arrow-right Ceilings of all Varieties
  • arrow-right Acoustical Wall Panels & Sound Control Systems
  • arrow-right Specialty Items
  • arrow-right EIFS
  • arrow-right Direct Applied
  • arrow-right Thin Brick/Stone
  • arrow-right Venetian
  • arrow-right GFRC
  • arrow-right Scaffolding
  • arrow-right Acoustical/Specialty Plaster
Window Treatments
  • arrow-right Motorized and ‘Smart Shading’ Solutions
  • arrow-right Manual Window Treatments
  • arrow-right Switchable Glass Film (pre or post installed)
Metal Panels
  • arrow-right Plate & ACM Panels
  • arrow-right Phenolic Panels
  • arrow-right Cementitious & Fiber Cement Panels
  • arrow-right Rainscreens
  • arrow-right Roof Screening
  • arrow-right Pre-finished Exterior Wall Panels
  • arrow-right Bathrooms
  • arrow-right Headwalls/Footwalls/Sinkwalls
  • arrow-right CFMF & Truss Systems
  • arrow-right Prefabrication Sheetrock Shapes