Find value in preconstruction.

Preconstruction efforts can take on many shapes, but value based efforts should run parallel with two things: The architect’s design intent and the contractor’s budget.

Why bring in a Trade Partner early for design review?

Cost certainty is a critical part of any project, especially when a GMP (guaranteed maximum price) contract is in play.

  • arrow-right Begin the process of early collaboration to gain trust between the parties involved
  • arrow-right Provide ‘checks’ for design as drawing sets evolve
  • arrow-right Provide predictability for construction budgets as the drawing sets evolve
  • arrow-right Early input for potential construction constraints that would occur in the field
  • arrow-right Early value based input by providing alternate solutions to help maintain or reduce cost while keeping the design intent in mind
  • arrow-right Kick off the project earlier – realize the value of early material procurement, early submittals, and additional time for preconstruction and project planning prior to work commencement onsite

BakerTriangle Design Assist Workflow:

  • arrow-right Understand the design intent and respect it
  • arrow-right Provide solutions that maintain the design intent while providing cost efficiencies
  • arrow-right Proactively search for areas within the design to help offer cost control options
  • arrow-right Deliver expertise on potential constructability constraints that may affect design, field limitations, or construction schedule
  • arrow-right Provide detailed information on cost alternative options through data backup, cost figures, schedule, and use of our VD&C teams to demonstrate our proposed options