Parkside Legacy

Plano, TX

Project Type: Drywall

General Contractor: J.E. Dunn Construction

This was a design-build project with J.E. Dunn Construction and Corgan. The original design showed misc. structural steel protruding from the precast panels to create an ‘eye-brow’ feature to add some architectural depth to the facade and to help protect sunlight from the upper level windows. The original design would have involved multiple trades, adding several layers of coordination between the structural steel, framing and sheathing, waterproofing, and metal panel subcontractors. J.E. Dunn reached out to Baker Triangle to come up with a better solution. Thus, the prefabricated canopy idea was born. This eliminated multiple trades and wrapped the entire scope of work up under Baker’s umbrella. Our prefab division designed and built the framing, plywood, and waterproofing in the shop and hoisted them on the building with a forklift. This idea helped save coordination efforts on the front end and help save installation time on the back end and resulted in a unique way to provide the owner with a great looking product delivered in an unconventional but timely way.