Debbie Brocker Reaches Milestone

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Debbie Brocker Reaches Milestone

It began with a job position advertisement in the Mesquite News: RECEPTIONIST WANTED: ANSWER PHONES, TYPING AND FILING FOR SMALL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. Debbie Brocker answered this ad. She had recently moved to the Mesquite area and she wanted to go to work. Debbie and her husband moved to Texas from Missouri so he could start a new job, he really didn’t want her to go to work ‘in the big city’, but she wanted to stay busy. So, she gets an interview with Bob Baker

(BakerTriangle founder), this would be her first interview, for her first job, and it’s with Bob Baker, who could be intimidating at times. One of Mr. Baker’s concerns with such a young girl working for this small construction company was, “can you handle rough language being spoken around the office?” (the office at this point consisted of all men who typically didn’t filter their language). Following the interview, Steve Baker (current BT Chairman) spoke out and told his father that he thought she might be too young for such a position. That was forty years ago.

You’ve probably figured out, by now, that Debbie was hired by Bob Baker. She convinced him that she could handle some rough language, and after Mr. Baker – an avid horseman – learned that she was raised around her father’s horses, he knew she had some special things going for her. When Debbie began with BakerTriangle, we officed in an old farmhouse that was ‘renovated’ and converted into a comfortable office space – of course, stucco was applied to the exterior to give it that special touch. Debbie began as a receptionist for BakerTriangle, but it wasn’t long before she was the office manager – long before there were office managers. Later, Debbie became the official office manager of Triangle Plastering, as Baker Drywall had moved to a different office because of union/open shop issues. She worked a little while as a project manager/estimator, but her greatest attribute was to manage the office and help with A/R – and fix all the problems Mr. Baker had caused when he was trying to collect money!

Through the years, Debbie has handled just about every position with the company, except screw on drywall and apply plaster, but she took care of the mechanics who worked in the field, so she knew how to get it done. Therefore, when Baker Drywall and Triangle Plastering merged in 2006, Debbie was perfect to assume the position of VP of Operations.

She handled the operations of BT, and whenever we started building our own buildings for our other Texas locations, Debbie supervised pretty much the entire construction. Soon enough, Steve gave her the official title of Chief Operating Officer for BT, and she assumes that role today.