Careers at BakerTriangle

Good pay? Opportunities to learn, improve your skills and advance? How about a pleasant working environment with paid benefits and security for you and your family?

BakerTriangle is an employer who cares about your safety and well-being. And if you’re the kind of person we’re looking for, you’ll get these things and more. If you qualify, you’ll get the chance to build a career that can support you long-term — a career in construction, the largest industry in the country.

A Leader in the construction industry

St. Philopateer Coptic Church; Richardson, TexasFor more than 45 years, BakerTriangle has built a reputation for quality as a drywall and plaster contractor. Our projects range from government facilities, schools, hospitals and churches, to office towers, sports facilities and retail establishments. When our employees drive through the cities and towns where they live, they can point to many landmarks and say, “I helped build that, working for BakerTriangle.” We are profitable, with a strong backlog of work, and we are looking for quality people to continue our success for years to come.

Our people make us successful

Our employees know that BakerTriangle is a great place to grow; in fact, many have been with us for more than 30 years. They’ve worked their way up through our organization and, today, command top benefits and pay — not to mention the respect of their peers.

Part of the reason our people stay with us is that we take care of them and treat them like family. We listen to our employees. We communicate well. Our managers treat people with respect. Our newsletters, picnics and company functions build trust and good will. And we involve key foremen in the decisions we make. At BakerTriangle, loyalty goes both ways.

Open positions at BakerTriangle

If you are up to the challenge, call BakerTriangle today at 972-285-8878 and apply. We have a winning team and are looking for winning individuals. If that’s you, we want to talk to you now.


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